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Rowville Cafes

cafes__3178_Choco Bean Café

Choco Bean Café

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

Wellington Village, Shop 4, 1100 Wellington Road, Rowville

  • Choco Bean Café Phone number03 9764 5959
  • Choco Bean Café Email address
cafes__3178_Tosaria Restaurant Café

Tosaria Restaurant Café

Modern Australian, Cafe Food,

60 Henderson Road, Rowville

  • Tosaria Restaurant Café Phone number03 9763 9168, 0451 452 296
  • Tosaria Restaurant Café Email address
cafes__3178_Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina

Italian, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Shop 13, 7 Fulham Road, Rowville

  • Bella Cucina Phone number03 9764 8341
  • Bella Cucina Email address
cafes__3178_Cafe Angelique

Cafe Angelique

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

Unit 3, 4 Viewtech Place, Rowville

  • Cafe Angelique Phone number03 9764 3233
  • Cafe Angelique Email address
cafes__3178_Eating House

Eating House

Modern Australian, Cafe Food

Wellington Village, Shop 17, 1100 Wellington Road, Rowville

  • Eating House Phone number03 9755 7464
  • Eating House Email address
cafes__3178_Froth and Grinds

Froth and Grinds

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Wellington Village, 1100 Wellington Road, Rowville

  • Froth and Grinds Phone number03 9755 7964
  • Froth and Grinds Email address
cafes__3178_Kelletts Cafe

Kelletts Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

69 Kelletts Road, Rowville

  • Kelletts Cafe Phone number03 9763 3800
  • Kelletts Cafe Email address
cafes__3178_Quirky Bean Cafe

Quirky Bean Cafe

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

Stud Park Shopping Centre, Shop 35B, 1101 Stud Road, Rowville

  • Quirky Bean Cafe Phone number03 9763 6536
  • Quirky Bean Cafe Email address
cafes__3178_Stamford Park

Stamford Park

Modern Australian, Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

8 Emmeline Row, Rowville

  • Stamford Park Phone number03 9764 2200
  • Stamford Park Email address
cafes__3178_The Butler's Pantry

The Butler's Pantry

Italian, Modern Australian, Cafe Food

Wellington Village, 1090 Wellington Road, Rowville

  • The Butler's Pantry Phone number03 9755 8553
  • The Butler's Pantry Email address
cafes__3178_The Park

The Park

Sandwich, Modern Australian, Cafe Food

Stud Park Shopping Centre, Shop 22, 1101 Stud Road, Rowville

  • The Park Phone number03 9763 8583
  • The Park Email address

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