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    Google Map of NEWPORT VIC 3015


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cafes__3015_Heart of Hall

Heart of Hall

Coffee and Tea, Modern Australian, Cafe Food,

17 Hall Street, Newport

  • Heart of Hall Phone number03 9939 5819


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

5 Mason Street, Newport

  • Leroys Phone number03 9399 4187
cafes__3015_Newport 1881 Coffee Pastries

Newport 1881 Coffee Pastries

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

34A Mason Street, Newport

  • Newport 1881 Coffee Pastries Phone number0421 432 841
cafes__3015_Odd Spot Cafe

Odd Spot Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

302 Melbourne Road, Newport

  • Odd Spot Cafe Phone number03 9399 2241
cafes__3015_Routleys Bakery

Routleys Bakery

Bakery, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

33A Mason Street, Newport

  • Routleys Bakery Phone number03 9391 8047


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

39 Challis Street, Newport

  • Searz Phone number03 9399 2393
cafes__3015_The Backyard

The Backyard

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

19-21 Mason Street, Newport

  • The Backyard Phone number03 9973 4611
cafes__3015_The Pint of Milk

The Pint of Milk

Modern Australian, Coffee and Tea,

19 North Road, Newport

  • The Pint of Milk Phone number03 9391 6641
cafes__3015_Deli Cafe

Deli Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

45 Challis Street, Newport

  • Deli Cafe Phone number03 9391 3300
cafes__3015_Lickerish Catering and Cafe

Lickerish Catering and Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

42 Hall Street, Newport

  • Lickerish Catering and Cafe Phone number0417 580 033
cafes__3015_Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

336 Melbourne Road, Newport

  • Page of Cups Phone number0421 940 141
cafes__3015_Robbie Lynnz Coffee & Kitchen

Robbie Lynnz Coffee & Kitchen

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

451A Melbourne Road, Newport

  • Robbie Lynnz Coffee & Kitchen Phone number03 9391 5971
cafes__3015_Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

27 Schutt Street, Newport

  • Stepping Stone Phone number03 9327 3828

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