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    Google Map of HAWTHORN VIC 3122


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cafes__3122_Alley Hens

Alley Hens

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

63 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

  • Alley Hens Phone number03 9818 4354
cafes__3122_Atrium Café Coffee Shop

Atrium Café Coffee Shop

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

Swinburne Hawthorn, 24 Wakefield Street, Hawthorn

  • Atrium Café Coffee Shop Phone number03 0798 4794
cafes__3122_Auburn Foodstore

Auburn Foodstore

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

403 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn

  • Auburn Foodstore Phone number03 9882 2220


Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

39 Barton Street, Hawthorn

  • Barton Phone number03 9818 4609


Modern Australian, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Australian,

248 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

  • Bawa Phone number03 9819 6701
cafes__3122_Blood Orange Foodstore

Blood Orange Foodstore

Australian, Cafe Food, Finger Food,

661 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

  • Blood Orange Foodstore Phone number03 9813 0060
cafes__3122_Cafe Jitters

Cafe Jitters

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

737 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

  • Cafe Jitters Phone number03 9813 1188


Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

669 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East, Hawthorn

  • Carvery Phone number03 9041 7955
cafes__3122_El Churro Cafe

El Churro Cafe

Desserts, Spanish, Tapas,

710 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

  • El Churro Cafe Phone number03 9818 6561
cafes__3122_Emporio Coffee

Emporio Coffee

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

553 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

  • Emporio Coffee Phone number03 9982 9935


Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

80 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

  • FI:KA Phone number03 9041 1199
cafes__3122_Finders Keepers Cafe

Finders Keepers Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

89 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn

  • Finders Keepers Cafe Phone number03 9815 3419



9 Evans Place, Hawthorn East, Hawthorn

  • Franco-Belge Phone number03 9191 7370
cafes__3122_Gontran Cherrier

Gontran Cherrier

Bakery, Coffee and Tea, French, Cafe Food,

696 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

  • Gontran Cherrier Phone number03 9915 8600
cafes__3122_Hawthorn Brew Bar

Hawthorn Brew Bar

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

Shop 3, 769 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

  • Hawthorn Brew Bar Phone number03 9815 2501

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