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The Culture of Cafes in Fitzroy

The suburb of Fitzroy has, somehow, become the coffee center the entire continent of Australia! Cafes in Fitzroy have gained national (and even international) recognition for carving out their own unique cultural niche. Known for being filled with hipsters and MacBook Millennials today, Fitzroy’s café history goes back centuries!

However, it was throughout the 1950s to present-day that a continuous influx of immigrants from countries like Italy and France brought an espresso café culture to Fitzroy that has laid the foundation for the beautiful suburb’s coffee fame today.

There are numerous publications written about walking tours through the avenues and cafes of Fitzroy, trying to catch the local vibe of each individual establishment! Taking a stroll down Brunswick street will bring a sensory overload of different culinary options. Locals obviously know every wonderful secret about their cozy, vibrant suburb, but for anyone visiting, Brunswick is a good place to start! There are major retail chains and wonderful night life clubs along the boulevard. You can party and have a night on the town, knowing Fitzroy’s wonderful cafes will provide a relaxing morning from all the fun!


cafes__3065_Stagger Lee's

Stagger Lee's

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

276 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Stagger Lee's Phone number03 9419 5564
  • Stagger Lee's Email
cafes__3065_Min Lokal

Min Lokal

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

422 George Street, Fitzroy

  • Min Lokal Phone number03 8528 6653
  • Min Lokal Email
cafes__3065_Sir Charles

Sir Charles

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

121 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Sir Charles Phone number03 9415 7077
  • Sir Charles Email
cafes__3065_Addict Food & Coffee - Addict Ramen

Addict Food & Coffee - Addict Ramen

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

240-242 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Addict Food & Coffee - Addict Ramen Phone number03 9415 6420
  • Addict Food & Coffee - Addict Ramen Email


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,,Cafe Food, Pasta

251 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Alimentari Phone number03 9416 2001
  • Alimentari Email

Aside from its nationally recognized coffee scene, Fitzroy is kind of the “Santa Cruz” of Australia! It has that highly creative, almost bohemian flavor that brings out vibrant local music and street art. The feel of the streets as you walk down feel more like an art piece than a cement sidewalk. Imagine viewing these INCREDIBLE murals while walking to and from your favorite local Fitzroy café – what a wonderfully refreshing sight to see such intricate art draping the buildings of Fitzroy. Sipping on a hot mocha latte while taking in these incredible installations reminds us of the boundless creative energy that runs through Fitzroy. Since Fitzroy’s cafes are a common gathering spot for locals (especially ages 18-44), we all love to vibe off this positive energy, inspired to pursue our own work.

Cafes in Fitzroy range from open-air lodges to modern architectural designs to an industrial-type presentation. They all have wonderful lighting from the Aussie sun, giving that classic “in the shade but enjoying the sunshine” bright color filter/brightness. The atmosphere is perfectly fitting in many cafes for breakfast, brunch of, lunch, and even early dinners! The seating and dress is casual, suiting the breezy, informal, comfortable atmosphere effortlessly.


cafes__3065_Smith's Cakes & Aquilana Pasticceria

Smith's Cakes & Aquilana Pasticceria

Bakery, Patisserie,

297 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Smith's Cakes & Aquilana Pasticceria Phone number03 9419 4351



149 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Amarillo Phone number03 9415 9367
  • Amarillo Email


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

193 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Arcadia Phone number03 9416 1055
  • Arcadia Email
cafes__3065_Auntie Mai's

Auntie Mai's

Vietnamese, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

96 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Auntie Mai's Phone number03 9417 2616
  • Auntie Mai's Email
cafes__3065_Babka Bakery Café

Babka Bakery Café

Bakery, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Eastern European,

358 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Babka Bakery Café Phone number03 9416 0091

Because of the incredible diversity of residents in Melbourne, Fitzroy cafes serve cultural dishes from around the world, including Swedish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Canadian, French, around, of course, traditional Australian. These incredible ranges of food mean that you could go to a different café in Fitzroy each day of the week and have cuisines that originated thousands of miles apart from one another. One day you could get an Aussie meat pie; the next day could be an incredible hand-made Italian pizza! Then, maybe you round off the weekend with Montreal’s famous wood-fired bagels. These delectably prepared, international dishes are the final trait that separates the cafes in Fitzroy from the rest of the country – distinct, diverse cuisines and coffee at their finest.

After visiting the cafes around Fitzroy, do not forget to hit some of the best bars and clubs at night! Located in the same areas as Fitzroy’s famed espressos, places like the Everleigh, the Night Cat, and Mr. Wow’s Emporium all provide different nighttime experiences. When discussing all the wonderful cafes and street art, we feel it only makes sense to mention the nighttime activities, too! After a day on the Yarra River and working your way over to Fitzroy, you can plan to spend a time talking and drinking at a café, before you head home to prepare for a night out in one of Melbourne’s most vibrant neighborhoods!


cafes__3065_Bell Street Coffee Window

Bell Street Coffee Window

Coffee and Tea,

223 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Bell Street Coffee Window Phone numberNot available for this place


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

237 Napier Street, Fitzroy

  • Bentwood Phone number03 9419 1614
  • Bentwood Email
cafes__3065_Black Cat

Black Cat

Bar Food, Coffee and Tea,

252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Black Cat Phone number03 9419 6230
  • Black Cat Email
cafes__3065_Blonde Food + Drink

Blonde Food + Drink

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

443 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Blonde Food + Drink Phone number03 9077 8378
  • Blonde Food + Drink Email
cafes__3065_Breakfast Thieves

Breakfast Thieves

Coffee and Tea, Modern Australian, Cafe Food,

Shop 1, 420 Gore Street, Fitzroy

  • Breakfast Thieves Phone number03 9416 4884
  • Breakfast Thieves Email

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