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Eltham Cafes

cafes__3095_Platform 3095

Platform 3095

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

965 Main Road, Eltham

  • Platform 3095 Phone number0416 583 353
  • Platform 3095 Email address
cafes__3095_Bean Alive

Bean Alive

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

132 Bolton Street, Eltham

  • Bean Alive Phone number03 9134 7997
  • Bean Alive Email address
cafes__3095_Bolton Street Deli

Bolton Street Deli

Deli, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

120 Bolton Street, Eltham

  • Bolton Street Deli Phone number03 9439 6922
  • Bolton Street Deli Email address
cafes__3095_Cafe Eden

Cafe Eden

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

30 Gastons Road, Eltham

  • Cafe Eden Phone number03 9433 3711
  • Cafe Eden Email address
cafes__3095_Cafe Z

Cafe Z

Turkish, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

1530 Main Road, Eltham

  • Cafe Z Phone number03 9437 2022
  • Cafe Z Email address
cafes__3095_Cafe Zen Den

Cafe Zen Den

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

736 Main Road, Eltham

  • Cafe Zen Den Phone number03 9439 8838
  • Cafe Zen Den Email address


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

950 Main Road, Eltham

  • Cornercaf Phone number03 9439 6981
  • Cornercaf Email address
cafes__3095_Earthbound Bolton

Earthbound Bolton

Cafe Food, Healthy Food, Coffee and Tea

Unit 5, 266 Bolton Street, Eltham

  • Earthbound Bolton Phone number03 9439 3932
  • Earthbound Bolton Email address
cafes__3095_Eltham Aromas

Eltham Aromas

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Eltham Terrace, Shop 10, 18 Arthur Street, Eltham

  • Eltham Aromas Phone number03 9431 5837
  • Eltham Aromas Email address
cafes__3095_Franco & Co

Franco & Co

Cafe Food, Italian, Middle Eastern

720 Main Road, Eltham

  • Franco & Co Phone number03 9431 0523
  • Franco & Co Email address
cafes__3095_Health Bar Melbourne

Health Bar Melbourne

Healthy Food, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

5/1637 Main Road, Eltham

  • Health Bar Melbourne Phone number03 9437 1972
  • Health Bar Melbourne Email address
cafes__3095_Lilies on Brougham

Lilies on Brougham

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

62 Brougham Street, Eltham

  • Lilies on Brougham Phone number03 9431 6622
  • Lilies on Brougham Email address
cafes__3095_Little Drop of Poison

Little Drop of Poison

Tapas, Bar Food, Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

937B Main Road, Eltham

  • Little Drop of Poison Phone number0420 833 354
  • Little Drop of Poison Email address
cafes__3095_Miss Pryor

Miss Pryor

Cafe Food

1 Pryor Street, Eltham

  • Miss Pryor Phone number03 8407 3839
  • Miss Pryor Email address
cafes__3095_Oregon Xpress

Oregon Xpress

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

55 Weidlich Road, Eltham

  • Oregon Xpress Phone number03 9435 9640
  • Oregon Xpress Email address

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