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Café & Culture in Collingwood

Like the rest of Melbourne, Collingwood has some of the most incredible cafes in the entire world – not even exaggerating! With such a high quality coffee scene right at outside your front door, we thought we would take this post to celebrate the wonderful cafes offered in the Collingwood suburb. QIKI Cuisine has paired with some of these cafes so they can continue to operate independently, empowered from any conglomerate like Starbucks! Has that deluded product replaced our coffee scene with shops that are 95% independently owned? Absolutely not! Who in their right mind would?




Coffee and Tea,

30 Sackville Street, Collingwood

  • ACOFFEE Phone number03 9042 8746
  • ACOFFEE Email
cafes__3066_Allpress Espresso

Allpress Espresso

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

80 Rupert Street, Collingwood

  • Allpress Espresso Phone number03 8415 5755
  • Allpress Espresso Email
cafes__3066_Arno Espresso

Arno Espresso

Sandwich, Cafe Food,

51 Cromwell Street, Collingwood

  • Arno Espresso Phone number0447 346 543
cafes__3066_Aunty Peg's

Aunty Peg's

Coffee and Tea,

200 Wellington Street, Collingwood

  • Aunty Peg's Phone number03 9417 1333
  • Aunty Peg's Email
cafes__3066_Cambridge Cafe

Cambridge Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

45 Derby Street, Collingwood

  • Cambridge Cafe Phone number03 9417 6866

Cafes in Collingwood – A World Class Experience

Cafes in Collingwood are just that: a world class experience. Coffee beans are ground fresh, but the true secret to Melbourne’s incredible coffee scene is the independent baristas who have committed their time and expertise to discovering better and better batches of professionally-brewed coffee.

Cafes in Collingwood have a special history – many immigrant families (especially Italians) opened cafes as their means of business and living, especially post-WWII. It was this genuine desire to remember the tastes of their homeland that so enriched our Aussie coffee culture in turn. If you ask any of the cafes in Collingwood how they got started, you may hear a story that spans back several generations. That’s how you know it’s the real stuff!




Japanese, Cafe Food,

31-39 Keele Street, Collingwood

  • Cibi Phone number03 9077 3941
  • Cibi Email
cafes__3066_Coffee + Office

Coffee + Office

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

402 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Coffee + Office Phone number0437 869 926
  • Coffee + Office Email
cafes__3066_Cromwell STREAT

Cromwell STREAT

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

66 Cromwell Street, Collingwood

  • Cromwell STREAT Phone number03 9629 4222
  • Cromwell STREAT Email
cafes__3066_Eleventh Commandment

Eleventh Commandment

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

134 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Eleventh Commandment Phone number03 9417 2504
  • Eleventh Commandment Email
cafes__3066_Falco Bakery

Falco Bakery

Bakery, Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

288 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Falco Bakery Phone number
  • Falco Bakery Email

What Makes a Good Café? An analysis of cafes in Collingwood

Think about what is memorable from the favorite cafes you have visited in the past – the lighting was perfect so you could see your company clear as day. The acoustics were thoughtfully constructed so you could only hear your own table’s conversation and not the one next to you! The food was perfectly plated, and the staff were so graceful you felt like you weren’t troubling anyone asking for another packet of sugar. On top of that, the seating was perfectly padded and very cozy.

These elements are what make a great experience at a café in Collingwood! Each one nails its aesthetic, provides ample comfy seating, amazing staff, and best of all world-class brews. Not only that, some cafes double as wine houses on the weekends – have Sunday brunch with friends and Mimosas at your favorite café in Collingwood – why not?

Another reason the cafes in Collingwood are so highly regarded is their versatility – they fit a long stay while catching up with friends, a quick trip for a coffee on your way to work, a bite to eat on your way to the Yarra Riverbanks or the Carlton gardens.. any of these reasons are the perfect one to visit your local Collingwood café! Many companies even conduct important personal business and interviews at these establishments because the ambiance is inspired yet relaxing at the same time.


cafes__3066_Friends of the Earth Cafe

Friends of the Earth Cafe

Vegetarian, Vegan, Coffee and Tea,

312 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Friends of the Earth Cafe Phone number03 9417 4382
  • Friends of the Earth Cafe Email
cafes__3066_Gipps Street Canteen

Gipps Street Canteen

Burger, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

95 Gipps Street, Collingwood

  • Gipps Street Canteen Phone number03 9419 4273
  • Gipps Street Canteen Email
cafes__3066_Glassworks Cafe

Glassworks Cafe

Sandwich, Healthy Food, Cafe Food,

23 Gipps Street, Collingwood

  • Glassworks Cafe Phone number03 9417 3503


Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

334 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Kosmopolitan Phone number03 9417 4460
  • Kosmopolitan Email
cafes__3066_Ladybird Cafe

Ladybird Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

72 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Ladybird Cafe Phone number0412 984 358

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