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Clayton Cafes

cafes__3168_Artichoke & Whitebait

Artichoke & Whitebait

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Monash University, Clayton Campus, Campus Centre (Building 10), Ground Floor, 21 Chancellors Walk, Clayton

  • Artichoke & Whitebait Phone number03 9543 2523
  • Artichoke & Whitebait Email address
cafes__3168_Cafe Cinque Lire

Cafe Cinque Lire

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

Monash University, Building 75, 15 Innovation Walk, Wellington Road & Blackburn Road, Clayton

  • Cafe Cinque Lire Phone number03 9540 0778
  • Cafe Cinque Lire Email address
cafes__3168_Cafe Kombi

Cafe Kombi

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

1 First Street, Clayton

  • Cafe Kombi Phone number03 9545 5035
  • Cafe Kombi Email address
cafes__3168_Cafe Saporo

Cafe Saporo

Cafe Food

Monash University, Building 82, 20 Research Way, Clayton

  • Cafe Saporo Phone number03 9544 8503
  • Cafe Saporo Email address
cafes__3168_Caffe Corso

Caffe Corso

Mediterranean, Cafe Food

298 Clayton Road, Clayton

  • Caffe Corso Phone number03 9544 7750
  • Caffe Corso Email address
cafes__3168_Chayo Japanese Cafe

Chayo Japanese Cafe

Japanese, Coffee and Tea

351 Clayton Road, Clayton

  • Chayo Japanese Cafe Phone number03 8524 4103
  • Chayo Japanese Cafe Email address
cafes__3168_Cherry Jam's Coffee House

Cherry Jam's Coffee House

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

59 Springs Road, Clayton

  • Cherry Jam's Coffee House Phone number0490 853 213
  • Cherry Jam's Coffee House Email address
cafes__3168_Clayton Road Deli

Clayton Road Deli

Deli, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

397 Clayton Road, Clayton

  • Clayton Road Deli Phone number03 9544 1968
  • Clayton Road Deli Email address
cafes__3168_Garden Road Cafe

Garden Road Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Shop 20, 35 Garden Road, Clayton

  • Garden Road Cafe Phone number03 9547 4328
  • Garden Road Cafe Email address
cafes__3168_Grafali Coffee Roaster

Grafali Coffee Roaster

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Monash University, Building 10, Ground Floor, 21 Chancellors Walk, Clayton

  • Grafali Coffee Roaster Phone number03 9995 0381
  • Grafali Coffee Roaster Email address
cafes__3168_Inchmeal Cafe

Inchmeal Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

39 Westerfield Drive, Clayton

  • Inchmeal Cafe Phone number0430 147 089
  • Inchmeal Cafe Email address
cafes__3168_JP's Espresso Lab

JP's Espresso Lab

Cafe Food

Monash University, Building 74, 8 Scenic Boulevard, Clayton

  • JP's Espresso Lab Phone number03 9905 0560
  • JP's Espresso Lab Email address
cafes__3168_Kafe Mument

Kafe Mument

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

2 Duerdin Street, Clayton

  • Kafe Mument Phone number03 9543 4106
  • Kafe Mument Email address
cafes__3168_Little Collins

Little Collins

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

296 Ferntree Gully Road, Clayton

  • Little Collins Phone number03 9543 3200
  • Little Collins Email address
cafes__3168_Lunch Hour Cafe

Lunch Hour Cafe

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Cafe Food

65 Whiteside Road, Clayton South, Clayton

  • Lunch Hour Cafe Phone number03 8555 2018
  • Lunch Hour Cafe Email address

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