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Café & Culture in Carlton

Having arguably the best coffee culture on the planet, it makes that the cafes in Carlton are a must-visit alone or with friends. For business and pleasure, cafes in Carlton are some of the best meetup spots, bringing delectable food, lovely vibes, and a warm atmosphere. We’ve seen many young business-minded students thrashing away intently at their keyboard, but we’ve also seen a business group go out for Sunday mimosas to their favorite café down the street.




Coffee and Tea,

60 Pelham Street, Carlton

  • Assembly Phone number0430 263 333
  • Assembly Email
cafes__3053_Bar Scopa

Bar Scopa

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

127-133 Leicester Street, Carlton

  • Bar Scopa Phone number03 9939 4410
cafes__3053_Baretto Espresso Bar

Baretto Espresso Bar

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Baretto Espresso Bar Phone number03 9347 2777
cafes__3053_Bloom Coffee Bar

Bloom Coffee Bar

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

140 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • Bloom Coffee Bar Phone numberNot available for this place
  • Bloom Coffee Bar Email
cafes__3053_Books n Bites Cafe

Books n Bites Cafe

Cafe Food,

222-224, Pelham Street, Carlton

  • Books n Bites Cafe Phone number03 9348 2868

Cafes in Carlton – A World Class Experience

After post-WWII European immigrants brought their coffee dreams over from their homeland, us Aussies took the culture and never looked back. Today, Aussies pride themselves on their geniality, sociality, and good sense in public for a good time. Cafés offer opportunities for just that kind of experience, with healthy warm coffee brews keeping the party alive. Paired with a nice sandwich or pastry, any day gets a little better with a visit to one of the local cafes in Carlton.


cafes__3053_Bossa Nova Brazilian Cafe

Bossa Nova Brazilian Cafe

Brazilian, Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

156 Elgin Street, Carlton

  • Bossa Nova Brazilian Cafe Phone number0423 146 157
  • Bossa Nova Brazilian Cafe Email
cafes__3053_Briscola Espresso & Panini Bar

Briscola Espresso & Panini Bar

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Sandwich,

157 Pelham Street, Carlton

  • Briscola Espresso & Panini Bar Phone number03 9347 3636


Desserts, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

380 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Brunetti Phone number03 9347 2801
cafes__3053_Cafe Commercio

Cafe Commercio

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Fast Food,

156 Berkeley Street, Carlton

  • Cafe Commercio Phone number03 9348 2242
cafes__3053_Cafe Sua Da

Cafe Sua Da

Vietnamese, Cafe Food,

258 Elgin Street, Carlton

  • Cafe Sua Da Phone number0449 559 233

What Makes a Good Café? An Analysis of Cafes in Carlton

Lighting, ambiance, design, seating, acoustics, staff, food, drink…. All these things and more make up the anatomy of a good café. Whether conscious or not, these are the elements most people pay attention to when deciding where exactly to stop and get a quick coffee and bite to eat. Pay attention to what you are drawn to so you pick the right café in Carlton for yourself.

The cafes in Carlton are impressive not only because the coffee ingredients are pure and the taste satisfying: there are so many high-quality kinds to try. Try Cold brews, syphon brewers, pour-overs – the sheer variety of coffee is one of the defining characteristics of Carlton’s cafés and cafes in Melbourne at large. On top of that, good cafes know how to pair their brews with the perfect food dish.

Another reason cafes in Carlton are simply different? 95% of them are independently-owned! You can expect a truly specialized experience at every café in Carlton you visit. Quality beans, special espresso filters… Aussie coffee is golden, mate. Just enjoy it!

How to Pick the Best Café in Carlton for You

Now comes the hard part – with so many amazing cafes in Carlton to choose from, how could you possibly pick the right one for you? The answer is you’ll most likely hardly be let down, but start by asking if you have particular kinds of foods you like paired with your coffee. Or is there a specific blend or bean or process you like your coffee made?

Also consider whether you are going for solo work, a date, or a group activity. The ambiance and setup of each café will come into play then, so make sure to look up and call in advance to get all the relevant information about the establishment.


cafes__3053_Caf� Crema

Caf� Crema

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

488 Swanston Street, Carlton

  • Caf� Crema Phone number0420 838 202
cafes__3053_Caf� Notturno

Caf� Notturno

Italian, Cafe Food,

179 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Caf� Notturno Phone number03 9347 8286
cafes__3053_Caf� Tre Sette

Caf� Tre Sette

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea,

139 Bouverie Street, Carlton

  • Caf� Tre Sette Phone number03 9347 0022
  • Caf� Tre Sette Email
cafes__3053_Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee

Coffee and Tea, Australian, Cafe Food,

144 Elgin Street, Carlton

  • Campos Coffee Phone number03 9347 7445
  • Campos Coffee Email
cafes__3053_Coffee On Drummond

Coffee On Drummond

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

80 Drummond Street, Carlton

  • Coffee On Drummond Phone number0432 027 662

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