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Aspendale Cafes

cafes__3195_Alice Rebels

Alice Rebels

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Shop 5, 446-450 Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Alice Rebels Phone number03 9776 2891
  • Alice Rebels Email address
cafes__3195_Aspendale Cafe

Aspendale Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

137 Station Street, Aspendale

  • Aspendale Cafe Phone number03 9587 3889
  • Aspendale Cafe Email address
cafes__3195_Bubbly Beans Cafe Restaurant

Bubbly Beans Cafe Restaurant

Cafe Food

413A Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Bubbly Beans Cafe Restaurant Phone number03 8774 6257
  • Bubbly Beans Cafe Restaurant Email address
cafes__3195_Butch & Sundance

Butch & Sundance

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

142 Station Street, Aspendale

  • Butch & Sundance Phone number03 9587 0220
  • Butch & Sundance Email address
cafes__3195_Cafe 4 Ft 11

Cafe 4 Ft 11

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Shop 1, 483 Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Cafe 4 Ft 11 Phone number03 9772 2350
  • Cafe 4 Ft 11 Email address
cafes__3195_Cafe Opera

Cafe Opera

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

419 Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Cafe Opera Phone number03 8759 1687
  • Cafe Opera Email address
cafes__3195_Jack the Lad

Jack the Lad

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

376 Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Jack the Lad Phone number0492 043 222
  • Jack the Lad Email address
cafes__3195_Kafe at Chelsea

Kafe at Chelsea

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

1-3 The Strand, Aspendale

  • Kafe at Chelsea Phone number03 9773 4060
  • Kafe at Chelsea Email address
cafes__3195_Koochino Cafe

Koochino Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre, Kiosk, 11 Narelle Drive, Aspendale

  • Koochino Cafe Phone number0402 596 183
  • Koochino Cafe Email address
cafes__3195_Morris Leigh Cafe

Morris Leigh Cafe

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

142C Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Morris Leigh Cafe Phone number03 9587 9528
  • Morris Leigh Cafe Email address


Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

21 Laura Street, Aspendale

  • SkinnyBoyJim Phone number03 9580 6732
  • SkinnyBoyJim Email address
cafes__3195_Straight and Narrow

Straight and Narrow

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

416A Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Straight and Narrow Phone number03 8772 2771
  • Straight and Narrow Email address
cafes__3195_The Crowded Hour

The Crowded Hour

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

264 Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • The Crowded Hour Phone number0490 478 236
  • The Crowded Hour Email address
cafes__3195_The Little Coffee Place

The Little Coffee Place

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

238 Wells Road, Aspendale

  • The Little Coffee Place Phone number03 9773 8659
  • The Little Coffee Place Email address
cafes__3195_Two Farm Girls

Two Farm Girls

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

133 Nepean Highway, Aspendale

  • Two Farm Girls Phone number0434 952 950
  • Two Farm Girls Email address

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